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Fun game. Better than RI as far as graphics and explorability. HOWEVER, the game keeps bugging out about every 3-5 min. Putting me back where I started every time. Frustrating as hell. Fix the bug please !


I love the game it’s different from any other zombie game. So much more detail and a lot more to do and experience. But it completely eats your battery.

Not A Worthy Sequel

I loved Radiation Island and was PSYCHED to see this sequel to it, so I eagerly shelled out the $5. Now, 9 hours in, I can say it is much less of a sequel than I had hoped for. The crafting system that made Radiation Island so cool, dynamic, and replay-able, seems an afterthought in Radiation City. No cutting down trees, mining, smelting, crafting tools, or building... none of it. The idea with this game is much simpler... scrounge and raid, gather weapons, clues, canned food, and find a safe place to sleep (somehow tents are the safest?). That said, the game's graphics are amazing (you better have an iPad Pro), and the attention to detail is beyond anything I've seen on mobile. I've never been to Pripyat, Ukraine, but find it really cool that the city has been digitally reconstructed in astounding detail (Google actually has street views). Still worth the money, but it doesn't live up to Radiation Island if you are expecting an expansion of the same overall experience. Assuming the developers leave the crafting experience as it is, I can't see myself playing this game much longer. Bummer.


I can not find the portal on tower 6 and 7 I don’t know why but it seems unfinished and I can’t play the story anymore. It is still fun though.


SPOILER ALERT: First off, fantastic and ambitious game that encompasses all the key factors of a survival horror game! I love the excess of non-story driven buildings and compounds that expansively cover a 5kmx5km map! The beginning of the story is interesting and engaging, up until the point where you have to start activating the towers. Than, like your first game radiation island, your story falls apart and is COMPLETELY unsatisfactory!! I finished the game and we hear nothing about my wife or the exploration squad! What’s up with that!? Combine that with the glitchy hit boxes, lack of side quests besides finding evidence, and limited crafting. You take a revolutionary mobile game and brand it substandard. I expected more on this sequel.


Ok. Radiation Island was best gaming value ever, huge beautiful open world to explore with (in my opinion) a generous learning curve. I love an adventure, exploration game but I’m not huge on killing. Long story, short, radiation island fit the bill. Beautiful, gorgeous even. Radiation CITY. Ugh. Too hard to play regular. You are killed early and often. You can’t usefully craft. You can play in invincible “God” mode where you get to just explore, but then you lose the challenge. Developers we LOVED Gorgeous radiation Island... can you do something similar? Seriously your first effort was the best and I can say many of us would “kick start you”. In another similar game. I’ve been searching for something as awesome as radiation Island


I think that Radiation City is a great game, but needs a few fixes. First off, I think that there should be more types of backpacks to hold more inventory space. Secondly, the crafting system offers nothing but a few non-vital items. Third, there should be chests or crates added into the game, where you can deposit items, like Radiation Island because it is really hard to hold onto all of your belongings and having to make a lot of sacrifices to hold other things. Plus if you’re in survival/hardcore you lose everything if you die(I know it’s supposed to be hardcore but still) and that’s another reason why chests should be added. Also, some glitches occur such as my big flashlight is at 1 durability and it just won’t die out, it just keeps on working and doesn’t burn out. Thanks for reading my review and if you take it into consideration for my suggestions thanks x2!

Multiplayer plz

I will give you 5 stars if you make this multiplayer it has so much Patentil!!! Plz I mean maybe you won’t care about the stars but is it enough to make the world happy

Worth it.. Just one more thing.

I would like to have. A "creative mode", similar to minecraft's creative mode. There's a bunch of selections of items, and you can craft anything thats for crafting, this will make more people want to play and show their creativity to their families, once they show their family, their family will buy it.

Great game

Wow this game is awesome!

Glitchiness but great game

The game seemed good to start off with (though seemed very linear compared to radiation island) and kind of annoyed me with the lack of crafting. I also ran into an issue in the final stages of the game (activating the tower) at tower 10 there is an enemy on the second floor that seems to damage you and almost instantly destroy all armor (and your radiation suit) through the floor, making it extremely difficult to progress. Despite its kinks it is an over all great game, just needs a little work.

Great game but.....

This by far is a decent game but I feel like there needs to be just a few tweaks and adjustment to make the gameplay more immersive and more intuitive for users. I feel as if it needs other types of enemies rather than just zombies and wolfs. More craft-able items and a new arsenal of weapons would be great. Personal chest or a house/bunker that you can fortify and use as a safe zone. Other than that GG and keep those updates ah coming.

It is awesome!!!

I love this game jus plz fix the car it is hard to control

Great game



I love your game. Thank you for the vehicle patch. It was worth my money

Radiation city

This game is absolutely amazing. The amount of detail and effort these guys put into this game are phenomenal. My only complaint is that the controls will glitch causing the player to look straight up into the sky at random times and is annoying and somewhat problematic when dispatching enemies. Other than that, this game is highly recommended

Great but not better than rad island

This game a challenge, makes rad island look easy in comparison and that means that people that did not play rad island will probably hate it as death is a constant and even fast travel locations are no longer safe. All that being said it does have huge map and more weapons but storage is an issue and you have to take stupid risks to complete the story, but if you don’t care about restarting multiple times when you die so much you lose all your firearms and all but a stick as a weapon and a car with almost no gas to raid a military base, you will love this game. In my opinion the zombies should be a lot easier to kill, like a 3 shot with a revolver and 2 shot with a rifle, with the rad suits and scientists taking one or two more shots, and the sniper should be a one shot kill against almost every thing but the strongest opponents

Needs one more thing

This game is missing the ability to stun zombies when you hit a zombies head they should not be able to attack for at least one second so the game would not be too difficult right?

Massive let down

Radiation island was amazing, but this game is unplayable. The movement system is terrible, especially for vehicles, there is no balance, barely any crafting, and an incredibly forced storyline. The graphics are also a letdown and have me a major headache within five minutes. Withing those five minutes my battery also drained from 87% to 10%. I was incredibly disappointed, but continued until I encountered a game breaking bug in a vehicle, getting stuck inside and having to restart.

Nice game try it but....

I know you guys relly work hard for this one and it was pretty good i like that the map is really big and never will be end But the ending was really bad i wont say that how was it but is there ganna be a another game like this? I cant to see it please if you make another one pls make the ending well and thanks guys Really good game every one should play it Pls give feedback

It’s ok

Ok, I’ve been scouring the AppStore for a game like fallout. When I found this, I was excited, it seemed like fallout. It was ok, the graphics were good. But the only things you ever fight are zombies and wolves, it gets boring. Why aren’t there survivors? Other humans? I feel lonely and I’d like to see at least 1 human in game.


I love the game but I have so much stuff and all my cars are full. So can you please add chests, they are much needed! Thanks

Better than radiation island

It’s pretty much the same as radiation island but a lot better. There is an area where it glitch out and keeps crashing.

Love this game

Please add a scope and reload button i rated 5 stars i love this game keep up the good work:)

Add vr support

And a option to use vr and add controller support it will bring more attention and be really cool 😋😌

More content ?

Just wish the developer would keep updating and add more content to the game like new zone / new mobs / player housing or even multiplayer ? PvP/ coop / or even some 100 players free for all survival mode ?

Wonderful game, but why??

I have had this game for a while now but since the update it became 17+. Now I can’t play it!!😭 I don’t know if you can change that or something but if you can’t, I understand. If that didn’t happen I would like to suggest something. How about a free mode and you can build homes. Also the graphics are amazing

Great game!!

I really enjoyed this game! You definitely have to look around for weapons etc that you need to survive and thrive. After playing this awesome graphics adventure, hard to find anything as great!! Thank you!!

Really wanted to like this game but...

Like many others who wrote a review for RC, I really enjoyed Radiation Island. It was a unique open world game with an interesting story line, zombies, crafting, and plenty of action. First off the good points: 1 - amazing detail and graphics. Rad City is an upgrade to Rad Island. Plays really smoothly on my iPhone X. The game world is HUGE! 2 - very desolate and creepy ambiance. It actually feels abandoned and haunted. Now the faults: 1 - it’s hard to survive! Food and water constantly need to be taken care of. Every minute the character needs a drink of water and finding wells and food just seems to become a chore rather than part of the gameplay 2 - hard to find antiviral drugs - yes you can avoid zombies but they sneak up so often that you are forced to fight them. Not a problem but that comes with infections. It’s so hard to find antiviral drugs that like the water and food it starts becoming a chore rather than a challenge 3 - night time comes quickly. One second it’s still light and the next second it’s pitch black. In RI the evening came gradually which added to the stress of finding shelter. In this you’re just left stranded almost immediately Overall I really wanted to like this game but it just seems out of balance in many areas. The game becomes frustrating rather than an enjoyable challenge.

Why I love this game

This game has a whole story behind it

Please Read

This games pretty great, it has better graphics, more zombies, more guns, less pesky alligators, cars, and a SUPER helpful dev team!

Great game!

I love the game it has amazing graphics and gameplay. Only problem is you can't move or delete sleeping bags/tents! Can the developer answer my question? Can anyone help me? Edit: so if you place new sleeping bags/tents down in the wrong place. Example place it in the road by accident, there is no way to remove it or move it?

Dec 30 2017 Cars still disappear

Just lost my first car. Still shows on map, but isn’t there. Obviously lost everything stored in it. Thought this was fixed. Otherwise, it is a fun game on an iPad.

Just another glitch I found is really funny

Hi dev and people today I’m gonna tell you a funny glitch that I found today is that one day I hit out to my first tower but there I saw two zombies stuck together I don’t know what they where doing but I was on god mode so I moved them away but they can’t either move RIP TWO ZOMBIES I killed them lol

Game crashes and freezes when driving car

When I drive my car, after five seconds the game crashes.

Horrible glitch

Whenever I try to play, the opening cutscene plays, and then the game fully shuts down my phone and I have to wait for it to restart. I didn't even know I glitch like this was possible in any app. Im playing on Iphone 6.

There’s a bug

Hey the railroads in my game have no color they are just baby blue colored

Bug... Really annoying

So I was doing great, and was taking down Tesla tower 5 when I couldn’t find the thing that teleported me to where I could I put the code. I searched every floor multiple times, watched a video and found out where the teleported was supposed to be, but it wasn’t there. Please fix this bug, that would be really helpful

Come on guys!!!

I loved the radiation island game and this well its cool and all but its missing that spark. It would be nice to have gamemodes, and building houses. It looks like you guys cared more about the visuals more than the actual game, but its still got... and scary.

Cars still disappearing after patch

I downloaded the game for the first time after the disappearing car bug was purportedly solved. I was loving it - til one of my cars disappeared (it’s still visible on the map). Since I’ve only played the latest update f the game and didn’t even know about the bug before googling, I can promise it hasn’t been fixed. Please do fix it! I’d love to keep playing but I hate losing my stuff.


The game is great and all but it will not show up and I can not play the game also I can not delete the game.

Needs some more things

You need to add buses that you can drive and add multiplayer add more zombie skins and maybe you could add dog pets you could also add tanks

Good game

I did a gameplay on this game check out my channel it nifty gamer got like 18 subs its a goid game and yea

Fun game

I'll give it 5 stars if they kill the tool tips. One only has to look at them once in Radiation Island, why not in this game!

Fantastic game

Really solid layout to UI and controls Game runs smooth Very ambitious game for a phone Would buy a disc for PS4 if released

It’s really great!!!

I really like this game but after a while it starts to get boring. It would be so awesome if you guys add multiplayer to it that would make it better

Best game in the App Store

A lot better than into the dead 2. An HONEST COMPANY that charge you 4 bucks and you get a whole game without having to grind for weeks to pass a level and having to pay for scamming, expensive micro transactions. Great visuals, very engaging environment to explore, fun play, some how scary at times and the disappearing car glitch is fixed. This is a no brainer.

Lol RIP Vehicle

Like a lot of others, I played Rad Island. This one has been fun. The zombies at the military bases might need to be toned down due to you exit a building to store gear in a vehicle and come back and the door shut or locks sometimes and the mobs respawns. The vehicle disappeared in the game but on the map and mini map it shows it still there. I've got a lot of supply and ammo packed in the vehicle and would like to see it back. It seemed to of disappeared when I logged out for the first time. I haven't walked all the way back to where I got it yet to see if it despawned back to its home point yet, but the map shows it outside where I'm at. I do miss the crafting house and loot chests from the first game but I understand. To those having problems with storage look for different grades of clothes. Military tends to allow more storage on you person. Another tip going into UI setting and move your move some stuff around such as spread your movement arrow slightly more apart helps on smaller devices an such. The UI is customizable so try it out a bit. *Update. Thank you for the response it currently the vehicle has not reappeared after patch. Do I need to just start over?

Back to being awesome

UPDATE 11/17/2017 All bugs are fixed. My vehicles have not disappeared!!! Whahoo! The strafing works well. Well worth the money. I would definitely recommend this now that all of the bugs are fixed. Great game! UPDATE 9/5/2017 I thought the latest update might really help. Played on and off over the weekend after a clean install. Everything was looking good until I went in this morning. Vehicles are gone and so is all of my inventory. It seems to honestly be after I get a lot of vehicles and inventory. At this point, I feel like a beta tester. I am not sure where all of the hyper positive reviews are coming from. Maybe they haven't spent as much time with the game. Others are obviously hitting this issue as well. To be clear, I loved Radiation Island and really am enjoying Radiation City. But this is a terrible bug. I just can't recommend the game until this is fixed. UPDATE 9/2/2017 I either really love this game or am masochistic. I installed the latest update and my vehicles immediately disappeared. I had gotten everything but the last code. I even limited the number of vehicles that I had in hopes that it was due to having a large inventory and fleet of vehicles. Not sure if that's the case or if the update had something to do with it. Soooooo, I am going to reinstall from scratch and hope that my inventory doesn't disappear with a brand new game. UPDATE 8/31/2017 So I fast traveled a lot, with and without vehicles, and have not gotten it to happen again. My next theory is that it happens when I have a large inventory. I try to find 5+ vehicles and I fill them fairly full. Of course building up to that takes a while. UPDATE 8/30/2017 I thought that this was iCloud related because I was saving often. So I started playing a game and did not save to iCloud. It happened again. All of my vehicles vanished EXCEPT for one. I was fast traveling and in a vehicle. I have done that several times before and there was not a problem, but this time all of my vehicles disappeared except for the one I was in. If they can fix this bug, it will help a lot. I am going to play another game and avoid fast traveling when in a vehicle and see if that helps. By the way, I completely deleted and reinstalled after I experienced the issue the last time. ORIGINAL: I loved Radiation Island and started to really get into Radiation City. The premise is awesome. However, I played 8 hours and lost all vehicles (and thus my entired inventory). I thought it was a fluke. I started over. I carefully saved my game regularly to iCloud. After 11 hours - poof - all of my vehicles and carefully saved inventory disappeared. This is extremely frustrating. I've contacted them twice now via their website and have not received a response. At this point, it is a stretch giving this 3 stars. I really expect the ability to save a game to be perfected as this is a core piece of functionality.


Games like Skyrim came out over 5 years ago until now almost every game on iOS is a disappointment but this one and it's predecessor radiation island. Awesome graphics awesome game play awesome sounds. Say goodbye to blocky and hello to awesome!

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