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Solid game but

I enjoy playing this game but it crashes every time after I load my character after a checkpoint or save Response: (sorry about my name I didn’t realize my brother changed it) When I get into the game after my last save point, I’ll be able to play for a minute or two, before it crashes, or I try to leave the area I was in last and then it crashes.

I love ❤️ it but......please fix this

This is an amazing game. I love the guns. I want to make the shooting, jump, crouch, and run/walk button bugger though. In Radiation Islandyou can build houses, why can we build in Radiation City. Why do the details load in when you get close to it. Zombies and animals don’t but still. So I accidentally teleported to one of the tent on the map and when I got back to where my car was it was on the map but there was no car in sight. I got really mad about that because I had the car almost completely full of assault rifle ammo and I found the gun right after that😤😡. Please fix this.

Great game! 14 of 20 Towers?

Update: re-rating from 4 to 5 Stars Really solid game with great support. A lot to like and its playable and fun. Good on ios and Apple TV. Zombies, melee and hand weapons , shooter, puzzles, adventure, open world, vehicles and a fair price. Cant wait til the next game! Try God mode early on to hone your fighting skills and build your supplies/weapons if you find it tough getting equipped to survive and enjoy the game. ——————— Really enjoying this game but not sure if there is more game left after 14th tower is activated and the credits roll. Are there additional towers accessible in this game? Is there an update or 2nd chapter for the other towers? Can I get out of the city? Where can I find more clues/evidence? Ive looked everywhere. Thanks

Cool but

Ok so the thing is I would like all the things from rad island to be in this game I don’t have any space I keep finding weapons and I have no where too put the I would to upgrade backpacks and ever thing else there is limited crafting options . the zombies run to fast I mean ever one of them just run like crazy I would just like some zombies to run fast

Awesome Game but

I love this game so much. I play it all the time and it’s become my favorite out of all of my other games. I would highly recommend getting this game especially if you like games where you like survival zombie games where you must scavenge to survive and open world. I love the scavenging and zombie survival and that you can go into any building. I have not found a single building yet that you could not enter. The reason I give it four stars is because there are one or two things that I did not like or got on my nerves a little. I did not like it when I started moving everywhere and doing a lot of things but I found out that if you go to settings and then to graphics and turn some of them down it will the speed will go faster. I also did not like when my cars disappeared. I’ve had about four or five and they would completely be gone but show up on the map. Things that I think need to be done are fix the car disappearance problem and to add chest so you can make a camp site and put chest down to store items there. There should also be random items spawn if there isn’t. I’m not sure if there is or not because I have not noticed. I also think there should be more crafting options because there are only around 10 to 12 I think. Some things there should also be in the future are building and trap crafting. There should be crafting for structures such as walls and doors and be able to make traps to protect those houses and buildings you’ve created. If you make these tweaks and upgrades it would be awesome and great. Thank you!

Great but waste of time

It’s a great game. Lots of content and exploration, however the major pitfalls are lack of crafting variety, unable to save even if it is night, and biggest one yet is when you die you lose your vehicle...meaning everything you have gathered for hours on hours is lost. I don’t even want to play anymore because of the countless hours I spent looting. This game won’t keep a fan base if game breaking things like this aren’t fixed/changed.

No where near as good as Radiation Island

Take the good parts of Radiation Island (storage, collecting, crafting, exploring) and throw that out the window. Now add in more aggressive creatures, infinite useless items, items that disappear if touched, very limited weapons and ammo. Creatures that hit you from a distance through walls, floors and ceilings. Then spending hours looking for replacement gear. Results in a tedious and frustrating game. I loved Radiation Island, seemed well balanced and thought out. This is no where near as fun.

Great game but there's a game breaking glitch

Not sure what's going on, but 3 of the towers don't have a teleported to get to the top and without it I can't enter the codes to progress the game. Please fix this asap. I have activated the towers out of order though so I am deleting my game and starting over to see if that fixes it

Beforehand criticism!

Written on October 8, 2017 at 5:21pm I just downloaded the game today and even though i haven't played it, i feel i should address the low reviews of this game first. ☠️ Address negative reviews ☠️ 1) Since i game has just come out, Many people have stated that their is a need for a bigger bag to carry resources in and, while this would be helpful it would certainly distract from the survival aspect in terms of managing your supplies and equipment since you are a scavenger! 2) Many people have stated that cars disappear in no reason and that it seems a problem since cars are the only sources of safeguarding your loot. This is a survival game set in a apocalyptic city meaning that it is almost certain that zombies/dogs/people can break in cars and loot your things too. This adds to the whole point of a survival game where you always need to be prepared because it's eat or be eaten.

Baby perfect

the game is perfect but there are two things I want you to fix : 1 a more efficient way to drive cars. 2 being able to destroy things like boxes or things that you find on the road and houses, that gives you more life. But congratulations I love you game( I can’t sleep playing )

Great base but feels unfinished

On top of the disappearing cars and some other glitches (like not being able to see or hear RPG explosions, which makes it really hard to know whether you're inside blast range - killed myself that way multiple times), which are annoying but covered by others, two main issues: 1: Crafting is pretty useless. Radiation Island had a great resource and crafting system, whereas in this one I never made anything except lock picks (and those weren't essential). Also, without the ability to make boxes and with cars disappearing, there are no storage options except for dumping things on the ground at a campsite, and those things disappear after a bit. 2: Story isn't at all developed. [Spoiler alert] I'm not sure if more is explained if I find more journal entries/"evidence" pieces (after playing through the whole game I found only about 10 of the former and 1 of the latter), but from what I've seen, there's no explanation for why you're activating the towers, the objective just suddenly switches from searching for the others to activating towers. I have no idea what's achieved by the ending. I'd ask that after people have completed the game, location for story items are placed on the map (like Xs for buried chests on Radiation Island) so we can go find those without searching endlessly through multi-story buildings that get incredibly repetitive after a while. With updates that fix the disappearing car glitch, happy to review with 4 stars, 5 with some kind of fix/clarification to the story.

Great game But.......

I can’t seem to redownload the game after the new update on WiFi and it’s not my WiFii have even tried to download it at a friend house and still says “Unable to download” my storage has 4.16 GB left and my Firmware 11.0.2 please fix. Will rate 5. Just can’t seem to figure out what’s the problem here.....🤔


I payed 5 dollars and it won’t even download

Not much point in playing if your supplies disappear.

I'm a big fan of radiation island - but this? Not as much. There's a lot of grinding in this game (Looking for food, ammo, first aid stuff...). To the point at which it becomes boring. And the constant zombie attacks become annoying- cause you're going door to door looking for a bandaid, and now you're dead cause you wanted a bandaid. I'm at the point where I'm in a large, five story hospital with what seems like hundreds of rooms. I go outside to store supplies in the truck I've parked - and it's gone. The map says it's still there - but it's not. The same with another truck I had in another location. And all the supplies I've gathered in the truck (weapons, ammo, food, tools, clothes...) are gone too. These supplies are needed to progress in the game. Without a way to carry what I find (my military backpack is filled to capacity) there's no point in collecting more supplies. This game has huge potential - and I've been having fun playing it (in spite of the gripes). It's just not balanced well in a few areas, and has bugs that need fixing. But if it gets fixed - I promise to upgrade my review.

Fix pls

The missions are cool but some are very hard and it's only the beginner missions like the fire zombie witch is to op and the big one with the gas mask also it gets boring after a wile because you have to travel long distances to complete a mission and probably die because you don't have good gear.walking side to side is very clunky and the character moves very slow

The worst game i ever seen

The r. Island was better than this that new game of r. City is like the sh*t i hope i get my money back on this game because i dont know why did i buy some sh*ts

It’ll be great if it had multiplayer coop

This game would even be more interesting and fun if it had multiplayer co-op in it. !!!!


We can't download this game. We have tried many times.

Great but

When I got all the stuff too reappear the car the car just disappear

Amazing but...

Alright first off I love this game it’s just great with the graphics and the game mechanics and the cars but one thing to fix is food and water. The system needs to be fixed because it drops to fast and that’s why I rated it 4 out of 5 stars

Needs less items

Developers, The game is so much fun and great to play but please take away the amount of items that you can find becAuse it actually makes the game too easy, and the ability to change the difficulty is like cheats which most ppl(like me) can’t handle to cheat when we feel like entering an area is too difficult so making that unchangable would make the game way better

Extremely Angry

Like many others I am so angry when you get a car it disappears so don't store items in it because the hours you spent gathering them will be gone!! Items at camps disappear!! Enemies drop out of the sky to attack you. Lots of time wasted. And you never meet the people your going around the city trying to find. Completely frustrated and disappointed!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fun Game

This game will be fun once you fix the bug that keeps making the cars disappear. Until then I can't play & wish I wouldn't have spent the $ on the app cause without cars can't store extra items. Either that or be able to build storage chests like in radiation island.


I figured it out. Somehow the vehicles respawn back to where you originally found them. So if you lost your cars all the crap in them is permanently gone. Repeat don't put anything valuable in your cars. Edit: it's been 19 days, fix the dang problem already.

It is a uncommon game

There isn't much apps with this, amazing graphics. I see gameplay had improved a little from radiation island. Issue I see (And others I see ) Are the bugs. The developers understand that this is a big game, as in a lot of work. Just please make them fluent and grab the little details ( gameplay wise) better. I ask this because I know it can be worked out! Regardless, I love this ios game. P.S Please maintain the difficulty hard, it makes people think more. I believe this enriches gameplay rather than running around with a gun blazing everything senselessly. Also, try to add some more animations ( Heck, like picking up items. Jumping over fence, make zombies react to a headshot manner, melee kill animation like blow to the head, these stuff thrills me. ) Please don't be lazy! More than one animations for the same thing makes the game feel natural, complementing with the graphics! Hope you read my recommendations! And please take your time. Don't rush on developing this great game.


I can not believe this type of experience is possible on an iphone.. But its kind of repetitive and annoying the way you always need food/water and the way there are always zombies constantly spawning and rushing you

Love it!

I love it buttttt I found that I feel like a lot of things were rushed . Like there have been fences in some of the houses and such.

Good idea but needs fixes

I loved radiation island and was hoping for more of the same with this game. Right now there are just too many bugs to recommend it. As noted by others, vehicles tend to disappear even when they show on radar. This is a royal pain as vehicles are one of the only ways to store items. Zombies and animals appearing out of nowhere also gets old quickly. I would also get rid of the crafting feature as it is largely worthless - the only thing i ever made were lock picks since everything else was readily scavenged. I will probably download the game and try again in six months to a year after they work the bugs out.

Three stars for existing awesomeness!

But I will be focusing on the negatives. This review is meant as feedback for the game's developers. I won't mention the bugs of Radiation City, as I'm sure you guys are well aware of most of them. What I will do instead is list down the issues and feedbacks that you guys probably still haven't heard from the mainstream. 1. Size and opacity of all virtual buttons should both be customizable (we shouldn't have to look at our buttons directly or even rely on our peripheral vision to ensure we won't miss our buttons). This will push the control quality of the game to another level and increase immersion greatly. 2. There is aim freeze from tapping on buttons like crouch and running while moving the camera with another finger. This hinders control for those of us who play with three or more fingers. The default control scheme for a game of this scale in control complexity should be built around a 4 finger method (two thumbs + two index fingers) rather than the traditional two thumbs only scheme. With proper support for 4 point multitouch, this game's handling could definitely match and even surpass console games. 3. Tapping on items in the world directly to pick them up is a great common sense control method for new players, but it quickly becomes a sluggish and clumsy method. There should be an option for a button to pick up items so that those of us on tablets don't have to reach all the way to the center of the screen to pick stuff up. 4. Attacking a zombie and getting attacked by a zombie feels like two barrels bumping into each other. There is no visible damage (not even blood or knockback!) seen on the zombies when they are hit with trauma and brute force. There is also no visible feedback nor knockback against the player model when damaged (i.e. blood from the part of body where damaged, torn-cloths, etc). This really hurts the immersion of the game. Hopefully in the coming updates you guys can add more blood and maybe even limb amputation/area specific damage to spice up the combat system. 5. Aim sensitivity should be customizable in deeper depth. Right now there is no customization available for aim acceleration and aim smoothing. 6. Side to side movement is way too slow. This means the player is never allowed to move quickly unless he faces the direction he is moving towards. 10% movement reduction is fair and maybe even realistic. 50% or more as it is right now is just outrageous. It is currently impossible to check surrounding constantly without giving up move speed. 7. Gameplay wise, it's extremely unrealistic and a total copout to sleep in a tent surrounded by zombies close by, yet the game currently encourages it totally. Fast traveling by tents is also wishywashy for a hardcore survival game like this and seems to defeat the purpose of vehicles. Just my two cent. Overall, I have great confidence that this game will be near flawless after a set of patches and improvements. It is already very awesome even with all of its flaws and near game breaking bugs.

About 25 hours and did I beat the game?

Great game! No negatives! (Except for the glitches that have been talked about; cars going away - I just started piling up goods on the ground haha)... I haven't played a game this robust and entertaining in a long time! I got well worth my $6.99 worth of entertainment! Probably would've paid $20 for the experience! But hey; is the game over after tower 14? The character screen makes it look like there's 20 towers? What's up with that? Is there more game/updates or something? Thanks!

Good but huge problems and flaws....

Very good sequel to the first one. Gorgeous. But I'm having the same problem other players are having: the vehicles keep disappearing. All the items I collected are lost and it makes the game unplayable. Another flaw in the game is there is no such thing as running backwards or running sideways. Even though run mode is selected your character just lurches to a slow walk or side shuffle when you try to strafe or run backwards. This isn't realistic at all - it is possible to run backwards and sideways in real life. I wanted to give the game five stars but for these reasons I cannot.


Great game until today...20 seconds in, crash! Please fix!

Great game but needs improvment

Its a great game but its also frustrating to play with limited crafting, lack of storage space and limited stacking of the same item which worsens the storage issue. Also firearms are rare to find even in military bases.

Good not Great. Needs Tweaks...

Been having a very difficult time squaring up to my enemies when under attack. In Radiation Island you could tap the enemy indicator in the upper left corner and it would place your weapon's site right onto the enemy so you could engage them. With Radiation City, it's difficult to spin and engage your enemy quickly enough before you are bleeding, infected and halfway dead. Super frustrating. Been hunting for gasoline forever. I've followed the guide points multiple times for several kilometers to a remote spot where nothing seems to exist. Maybe I'm supposed to dig or something? I don't mind figuring that stuff out. It's part of the game. But the spinning and engaging enemies is ridiculously difficult...

Great idea, poorly executed

This game is a lot of fun, until it's not! I spent the entire game collecting weapons, medical supplies, etc... and stored in trunks of 3 different vehicles. When returned to vehicles showing on map, but they disappeared with all my stuff! And it never returned and it was more difficult to find it. Once you find something in a building, it does not return. I tried leaving stuff by tent, and after I got killed and returned, it was all gone! Too many glitches to be enjoyable! Fix this game and it'll be great! But I'll have to pass until then...

Good game but stuck

I can't find a way to get past tower 8. Any suggestions?

Looters Paradise 👌

I love games that have a lot of good looting on the side. What's the point without hidden treasure in a game full of dread. Within the first 30 mins I already found several melee weapons and then I ran into a nagant revolver with ammo and silencer included. I think the game could use a sprint button but I'll see how my character fairs after a few more points in speed. Above all the soundtrack is pretty creepy which adds to the atmosphere of the game. You earned this 5

Radiation City

Great game would give 5 stars if my vehicles didn't keep disappearing.lost so much I've collected.Over all still an awesome game .

Good game but

So I've played this game for more then 5 hours it's a good game little better then radiation island my problems with the game are lag your car going under the ground and if you stored anything in it you lose it and when you drop items goes through walls and sometimes goes under the ground i'm just gonna wait for a new update to happen to fix the game then I'll re-download it again so just wait on the game.

New 1 Touch

Some of the teleporters are glitched into the roof of the towers it's a good game all the sites at one thing

Very fun, but

I love this game! I've been binge playing for a few days now. However, I find a lot of the zombies much too difficult to kill. Ive had times where I shoot them 2 or 3 times with my revolver, then I pull out my crowbar and smack them until they somehow kill me. I understand the game isn't supposed to be easy, but come on. It shouldn't prevent me from completing objectives, and it shouldn't be that difficult to kill zombies after shooting them a bunch of times and then smacking them with me Lee until you die


DISAPPEARING CARS!!! NO STORAGE AND DISAPPEARING INVENTORY REVISED REVIEW FROM 5 to 1 STAR DUE TO BUGGINESS, CARS KEEP DISAPPEARING ALONG WITH ENTIRE INVENTORY. THEY WILL NOT FIX THIS BUG MAKES IT UNPLAYABLE AS THERE IS NOWHERE SAFE TO STORE THINGS. THINGS LEFT ON GROUND DISAPPEAR ALSO!!! I'm a big fan of Radiation Island, close to a masterpiece on the iPad. This game is not on the same level but it's close, and that is incredible reason to buy it!! So many dozens of hours of entertainment for just a few bucks, really a no-brainer. Can't think of a better value game.


I really want to buy this game but it's to much storage plz make the storage a little lower


Update: After playing a while longer, I realized that the reason I wasn't enjoying this game had a lot more to do with my expectations of what I'd like the game to be versus the reality of what it is. Radiation island (to me) was mostly an exploration game, like "Myst" or "The Room" but wildlife and zombies as additional obstacles, for added spice. Radiation City is first and foremost a shooter game. Unlike Island, where you improved your character through crafting and exploration, City is all about leveling up. Want to move faster? Be less hungry? Have better aim? Better gear? Go kill zombies, level up, and fill up the bars. In this context, having 8 guns (all have a particular purpose) but no storage makes absolute sense, as do the endless buildings filled with rooms full of zombies. This game is not about carrying a bunch of food or crafting bandages, all that stuff can be found as you move through the different locations, and it becomes less necessary as you level up. Is this world as much fun to explore as island? No, it is not. Within the game you can look for "records" and "evidence" that fills in the back story. (Unlike the codes, you don't need them to complete the game) As per some comments in other reviews, you are meant to find them as you explore: No clues, no 'x' marks the spot, and no way to mark your map to track your progress. Still, I gave in to my obsessive compulsive side, printed a screen cap of the map, and set out to find them. The world is beautifully crafted and the way the light and shadows move as the day cycle is great...but you will see little of it. Instead you'll be going through and endless array of rooms looking at cruddy toilets, rusted refrigerators, and soiled mattresses. How many rooms? A LOT! (The apartment complex outside the city has 10 buildings, 7 stories each, 10 rooms per floor: so 700 in that small section) And without the handy dandy storage lockers, that made scavenging reasonably painless in the island, 90% of the stuff is on the floor (and half of that sitting just below the floor plane so you'll need to hover above it to read the description) About halfway through the buildings I realized that I wasn't even looking up from the floor. If you enjoyed the shooting part of the island, this is a great game. But be aware, there are few rewards for the explorers. Original: I love Radiation Island, so I bought this game right away hoping to embark on a new adventure. However, I'm not enjoying the experience. The first game I played, I got caught in a loop where wolves would kill me and I would re spawn in the same spot-just to have the wolves kill me again. Finding weapons is ridiculously hard and complicated. You have your choice of crowbars or pipes until you can find one or more of the 7-8 different types of guns and matching ammo. Once you do, you must figure out how to carry it all and level up to use them properly. (I even had issues with lock picks and can openers) Still, I kept at it, expecting to find a clue/narrative at every campsite to give context to the action. Unfortunately, if you "skip" ahead, or find an item ahead of time, or fail to look in every building room, the game moves on without them. The game, without the story, becomes little more than disjointed list of tasks: "Go here and get X, now go there and get Y. Now go back ...". After a while, I realized all I wanted to do was turn to explore mode and just finish it. I really wanted to love this game like I do radiation island. I can't, and that's a pity because it's beautiful and ambitious game.

I like it but.........

I really like the game but it is short I got it yesterday and completed it today. It also needs more weapons and vehicles along with more story mode or more parts to the story otherwise I like it.

Fun but...

I got so mad at this bug witch made three of the towers have no portals to get to the top please fix this bug as soon as possible

Dont play until fixed!!!!!

I love this game its so much fun but when u think its all good its not. I had so much good stuff stored in my vehicle then it just disappeared and it says my cars still there but its not please fix this makes me very mad!!

Stop with Car Ghosting!!

This bug has to be fixed: Either cars go missing or they stay. It'd be better if they stayed. As it is, cars stay on map but ghost away, but it's better just to drop your stuff around the cars. Although, this makes organization difficult. Allow doors to shut, so you can make a hideout if you can't keep cars. Gameplay is similar to Radiation Island but much scarier! Fast Zombies! Love the game, graphics, ideas - but needs some bug work.

This is crap

Love the game, I was really hooked but I fixed the car but the gas didn't last anywhere near long enough and it was damaged way too easy and right after it was damaged right next to a fast travel spot I went to get supplies to fix the stupid thing and it disappeared with all my important gear including the rest of the stuff I needed to repair it. I'm on IPhone 6s+ and it runs really well, it lags sometimes but then crashes, reloads without problems and the frame rate is usually restored. I also see a potential problem with discarded items being saved on the ground. We should be able to discard items and we should also be able to store gear in or near permanent tents we should also get to save when we want in case bugs plaque us. Love the game but I'm not playing it until it gets an update, pretty mad at the moment.

Lol RIP Vehicle

Like a lot of others, I played Rad Island. This one has been fun. The zombies at the military bases might need to be toned down due to you exit a building to store gear in a vehicle and come back and the door shut or locks sometimes and the mobs respawns. The vehicle disappeared in the game but on the map and mini map it shows it still there. I've got a lot of supply and ammo packed in the vehicle and would like to see it back. It seemed to of disappeared when I logged out for the first time. I haven't walked all the way back to where I got it yet to see if it despawned back to its home point yet, but the map shows it outside where I'm at. I do miss the crafting house and loot chests from the first game but I understand. To those having problems with storage look for different grades of clothes. Military tends to allow more storage on you person. Another tip going into UI setting and move your move some stuff around such as spread your movement arrow slightly more apart helps on smaller devices an such. The UI is customizable so try it out a bit.

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