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Come on guys!!!

I loved the radiation island game and this well its cool and all but its missing that spark. It would be nice to have gamemodes, and building houses. It looks like you guys cared more about the visuals more than the actual game, but its still got... and scary.

Cars still disappearing after patch

I downloaded the game for the first time after the disappearing car bug was purportedly solved. I was loving it - til one of my cars disappeared (it’s still visible on the map). Since I’ve only played the latest update f the game and didn’t even know about the bug before googling, I can promise it hasn’t been fixed. Please do fix it! I’d love to keep playing but I hate losing my stuff.


The game is great and all but it will not show up and I can not play the game also I can not delete the game.

Needs some more things

You need to add buses that you can drive and add multiplayer add more zombie skins and maybe you could add dog pets you could also add tanks

Great game

Love it, but needs more crafting recipes ASAP. You need to add base building and chests so you don’t have to store gear in a vehicle. I understand this is a new game so it doesn’t have to many things to craft, but I definitely recomend adding more crafting recipes and base building.

Good game

I did a gameplay on this game check out my channel it nifty gamer got like 18 subs its a goid game and yea

Fun game

I'll give it 5 stars if they kill the tool tips. One only has to look at them once in Radiation Island, why not in this game!

Please add laron

I like the game but add Lauren because it feels unfinished I worked so hard for a red beam to shoot over a wall to where I can’t go try to add her or make her a boss zombie I would give 5 stars but I feel like I wasted my time please add lauren

Fantastic game

Really solid layout to UI and controls Game runs smooth Very ambitious game for a phone Would buy a disc for PS4 if released

It’s really great!!!

I really like this game but after a while it starts to get boring. It would be so awesome if you guys add multiplayer to it that would make it better

Best game in the App Store

A lot better than into the dead 2. An HONEST COMPANY that charge you 4 bucks and you get a whole game without having to grind for weeks to pass a level and having to pay for scamming, expensive micro transactions. Great visuals, very engaging environment to explore, fun play, some how scary at times and the disappearing car glitch is fixed. This is a no brainer.

Lol RIP Vehicle

Like a lot of others, I played Rad Island. This one has been fun. The zombies at the military bases might need to be toned down due to you exit a building to store gear in a vehicle and come back and the door shut or locks sometimes and the mobs respawns. The vehicle disappeared in the game but on the map and mini map it shows it still there. I've got a lot of supply and ammo packed in the vehicle and would like to see it back. It seemed to of disappeared when I logged out for the first time. I haven't walked all the way back to where I got it yet to see if it despawned back to its home point yet, but the map shows it outside where I'm at. I do miss the crafting house and loot chests from the first game but I understand. To those having problems with storage look for different grades of clothes. Military tends to allow more storage on you person. Another tip going into UI setting and move your move some stuff around such as spread your movement arrow slightly more apart helps on smaller devices an such. The UI is customizable so try it out a bit. *Update. Thank you for the response it currently the vehicle has not reappeared after patch. Do I need to just start over?

Back to being awesome

UPDATE 11/17/2017 All bugs are fixed. My vehicles have not disappeared!!! Whahoo! The strafing works well. Well worth the money. I would definitely recommend this now that all of the bugs are fixed. Great game! UPDATE 9/5/2017 I thought the latest update might really help. Played on and off over the weekend after a clean install. Everything was looking good until I went in this morning. Vehicles are gone and so is all of my inventory. It seems to honestly be after I get a lot of vehicles and inventory. At this point, I feel like a beta tester. I am not sure where all of the hyper positive reviews are coming from. Maybe they haven't spent as much time with the game. Others are obviously hitting this issue as well. To be clear, I loved Radiation Island and really am enjoying Radiation City. But this is a terrible bug. I just can't recommend the game until this is fixed. UPDATE 9/2/2017 I either really love this game or am masochistic. I installed the latest update and my vehicles immediately disappeared. I had gotten everything but the last code. I even limited the number of vehicles that I had in hopes that it was due to having a large inventory and fleet of vehicles. Not sure if that's the case or if the update had something to do with it. Soooooo, I am going to reinstall from scratch and hope that my inventory doesn't disappear with a brand new game. UPDATE 8/31/2017 So I fast traveled a lot, with and without vehicles, and have not gotten it to happen again. My next theory is that it happens when I have a large inventory. I try to find 5+ vehicles and I fill them fairly full. Of course building up to that takes a while. UPDATE 8/30/2017 I thought that this was iCloud related because I was saving often. So I started playing a game and did not save to iCloud. It happened again. All of my vehicles vanished EXCEPT for one. I was fast traveling and in a vehicle. I have done that several times before and there was not a problem, but this time all of my vehicles disappeared except for the one I was in. If they can fix this bug, it will help a lot. I am going to play another game and avoid fast traveling when in a vehicle and see if that helps. By the way, I completely deleted and reinstalled after I experienced the issue the last time. ORIGINAL: I loved Radiation Island and started to really get into Radiation City. The premise is awesome. However, I played 8 hours and lost all vehicles (and thus my entired inventory). I thought it was a fluke. I started over. I carefully saved my game regularly to iCloud. After 11 hours - poof - all of my vehicles and carefully saved inventory disappeared. This is extremely frustrating. I've contacted them twice now via their website and have not received a response. At this point, it is a stretch giving this 3 stars. I really expect the ability to save a game to be perfected as this is a core piece of functionality.


Games like Skyrim came out over 5 years ago until now almost every game on iOS is a disappointment but this one and it's predecessor radiation island. Awesome graphics awesome game play awesome sounds. Say goodbye to blocky and hello to awesome!

Good, but needs some work.

Atypical games - ILY. You guys actually make real games for phones and I appreciate that from the bottom of my soul - I played radiation island and it's probably the only mobile phone I've sunk more than 10 hours on - simply amazing! This game is radiation island 20x better. Not even a week after I asked them to please consider updating a few issues I saw (particularly in comparison to their previous game Radiation Island) and they did it already. This right here is a team committed to be what every other dev team should be. They are simply AMAZING. Now that I've gotten this far guys (Atypical), I'd really like to know... are you guys looking into porting this to the Nintendo Switch? Honestly this game is AMAZING. I would love to have this on the switch. Perhaps a Radiation Island and City pack? I'd definitely throw a 20 for that. Just one thing though, if you do end up considering PLEASE do not remove the touch controls, I hate how devs on the switch are porting games that have incredibly cool tactile feats on mobile and they just simply omit them on the Switch, even though it has a tactile screen itself... Anyway, You guys are INCREDIBLE! The only problem I have with it is a problem that will occur on basically any good game. It drains the battery like crazy. I'm sure if you lower the graphics quality (I'm playing basically on the best graphics option) this would hugely improve the lifetime of my device but honestly I don't really have the time to play this too much unless I'm at home so it's not really such a big issue for me. Overall, this is a MUST buy if you are a serious gamer on iOS. My favorite rn 👍🏼👍🏼💯💯💯❤️

Fixed the car bug !

"Radiation City" is absolutely gorgeous. A must have. Personally I myself, haven't had any problems finding guns and ammunition for them. All you really need to do is explore, explore, explore!!! Especially inside the larger buildings. Amazing, expertly crafted HUGE game world with plenty to explore and do. Once you find some weapons and ammo, you will need somewhere else to keep them because you have a very small and limited inventory space, even with the military backpack. So you can find a vehicle and use the trunk to store all of your valuables. E.g weapons, ammo, medical supplies and food. Don't forget, if you find any fuel cans, KEEP them. You're going to be needing to refuel your car or jeep. And now you can leave it there without worrying about the vehicle or the supplies inside it. The developers have squashed the disappearing vehicle bug. Way to go devs! Thank You Thank You Thank You ! I've played it to the end and now I'm using god mode to just run around exploring. WOW! Nice work on the game world. This has quickly become one of the best gaming experiences available on the iPhone• PERIOD

Great successor to Radiation Island!

UPDATE : THE DISAPPEARING CAR BUG IS FIXED! This is a great game, if you liked Radiation Island, you'll love this. If you don't know Rad Island, get both! Best zombie-killing exploration games available for iOS, hands down! Those who were frustrated by the fact that the cars (you could store loot in the boot) were disappearing should give the game another try - fixing this bug has breathed new life into the game. Now you really can stockpile resources and resupply when you die (when, not if) and always have a ride waiting for you in camp. Seriously, this is a major improvement in the game, it changes gameplay substantially.

Great base but feels unfinished

Glad to see the disappearing cars glitch fixed, but seems like some others (like not being able to see or hear RPG explosions, which makes it really hard to know whether you're inside blast range - killed myself that way multiple times - and randomly getting killed by radiation even when wearing a full health radiation suit), are still around? Otherwise, two main issues: 1: Crafting is pretty useless. Radiation Island had a great resource and crafting system, whereas in this one I never made anything except lock picks (and those weren't essential). Also, without the ability to make boxes and with cars disappearing, there are no storage options except for dumping things on the ground at a campsite, and those things disappear after a bit. 2: Story isn't at all developed. [Spoiler alert] I'm not sure if more is explained if I find more journal entries/"evidence" pieces (after playing through the whole game I found only about 10 of the former and 1 of the latter), but from what I've seen, there's no explanation for why you're activating the towers, the objective just suddenly switches from searching for the others to activating towers. I have no idea what's achieved by the ending. I'd ask that after people have completed the game, location for story items are placed on the map (like Xs for buried chests on Radiation Island) so we can go find those without searching endlessly through multi-story buildings that get incredibly repetitive after a while. With updates that fix some of the most obvious glitches, happy to review with 4 stars, 5 with some kind of fix/clarification to the story.

Add more to the story!Please

I loved the game i just finished it and I want it to have in to it we never find the lost people? And where the lightning goes, please add more to the end.

Great Game

You guys resolved the "vanishing vehicles" issue, and you are just awesome. Thank you for the great product line, your games are great! Five stars for Radiation City. Gimme a HIGH FIVE, yeah!! One more thing: implementing vehicles as travel AND storage, beautiful gameplay development there.

Okay is this normal?

So great game much scare wow, but in the milbase where there is a story thingy, closest to spawn, the one with a village next to it, music/ sounds I've never had before played. It sounded like an audio glitch, really crackly. Scared me real bad. Really low pitch bass. Then, it sounded like someone with a deep voice was talking, but it was all really garbled. Is this normal? I'm crapping myself just writing this. Pls halp. I'm legit shook by this.

Cars disappearing

Please fix the cars In the game are disappearing. I had a lot of Loot inside of a Jeep and got out of the game. But when I came back the car was gone and all of my loot. Please fix!!!!! otherwise I love this game very much.

Great, but please fix this

I love this game! It’s such an improvement over radiation island, but please fix the disappearing cars. I had all my good stuff stored in the car, and I went to go to an army base nearby, well I leave the car, come back, and it’s gone. All of my stuff gone

Awesome but not finished

Game still needs to be finished. Big fan of the first one but this one has way to many bugs. Cars disappearing with your gear is the worst.

“Control fixes”

Still have the same control issues and thee most annoying one with the v-pad... come on guys

Customize Controller Assignment

I really enjoy the game. After working all day it is fun to just put it in explore mode and running and gunning some zombies. I mainly use the screen controls because the top R shoulder button on my controller is broken. I assume that it is the fire button but I am not totally sure. It would be great if there was a way for me to reassign/assign the actions I want to the buttons that I want. I will say I haven’t experienced the disappearing vehicle in a while though my luck now it will be gone when I log in. I do really enjoy the game to the point where I may have to download Radiation Island and play it longer than a few minutes.


Great game until today...20 seconds in, crash! Please fix! iPad Pro and iPhone 6s. Still crashing...

Add more please

This game is great and interesting but I feel you can add more to it like more things to craft, possibly a house like in radiation island.

5 stars

Beat it after the update, absolutely love it.

So Unrealistic

Die way to easy... one hit from a zombie and your dead.... worst purchase I have ever made in the App Store

Thank you for realasing this game but needs a little something

First of all I wanna give you all a shoutout for realasing the game what's cool is that you can switch from first person to third person view also it has radiation towers and also you can craft,explore in exploring mode that nothing can kill you also you can find thing to help you kill the zombies.shoutout to this game. But I think you should add a subway because I want to get around quicker and a subway is super quick to get around in other than that shoutout to you. Response You have to unlock the fast travel so please add the train

Great game work in issues

The car glitch is really bugging the radiation city community. Cars disappear off the grid but still show when looked at on map. FIX THIS FOR 5 STARS!!!

Amazing Game

I see all the negative reviews and I don’t know why they complain this game is awesome midway through the game kept shutting off but then it stopped this have any problems yet at the beginning it is very hard to killI zombie like wants to get weapons guns and guns you have a better chance of great game

Great at first until you realize it’s one huge gathering grind

There are too many guns, too many ammo options, and too many other things that really take away from being able to focus on one play style. Perhaps this was intended, and a focus to improve the developer’s hit game Radiation Island, where weapons were limited (i.e. once you got machine gun you didn’t need anything else). The combat itself is great: scary.

This game is also great as Radiation Island

I saw a lot of negative comments, but this new game is not a second part of the Island. If you do not know how to start - watch videos on YouTube . For example mine channel VikaDc. Take any stick, go to houses , keep your stuff near some location. My favorite one is the near first car garage. You just need to move your stuff once per 3 game days to avoid disappearing of your items. For developers : I have completed 14/20 towers .... do you have plans to add something to the game? I feel like I have something missed, I disactivated the last tower (14). What is next?


This game is amazing but also I played rad island and you guys don't update it berry much at all and can you make it where you can craft tools/weapons pickup tents/sleeping bags and build and scrap other vehicles plus make bows and other animals and enemy's? Other than that this would be a 5 star game if gas weren't so rare. I haven't found anny

Solid game but

I enjoy playing this game but it crashes every time after I load my character after a checkpoint or save Response: (sorry about my name I didn’t realize my brother changed it) When I get into the game after my last save point, I’ll be able to play for a minute or two, before it crashes, or I try to leave the area I was in last and then it crashes.

I love ❤️ it but......please fix this

This is an amazing game. I love the guns. I want to make the shooting, jump, crouch, and run/walk button bugger though. In Radiation Islandyou can build houses, why can we build in Radiation City. Why do the details load in when you get close to it. Zombies and animals don’t but still. So I accidentally teleported to one of the tent on the map and when I got back to where my car was it was on the map but there was no car in sight. I got really mad about that because I had the car almost completely full of assault rifle ammo and I found the gun right after that😤😡. Please fix this.

Great game! 14 of 20 Towers?

Update: re-rating from 4 to 5 Stars Really solid game with great support. A lot to like and its playable and fun. Good on ios and Apple TV. Zombies, melee and hand weapons , shooter, puzzles, adventure, open world, vehicles and a fair price. Cant wait til the next game! Try God mode early on to hone your fighting skills and build your supplies/weapons if you find it tough getting equipped to survive and enjoy the game. ——————— Really enjoying this game but not sure if there is more game left after 14th tower is activated and the credits roll. Are there additional towers accessible in this game? Is there an update or 2nd chapter for the other towers? Can I get out of the city? Where can I find more clues/evidence? Ive looked everywhere. Thanks

Cool but

Ok so the thing is I would like all the things from rad island to be in this game I don’t have any space I keep finding weapons and I have no where too put the I would to upgrade backpacks and ever thing else there is limited crafting options . the zombies run to fast I mean ever one of them just run like crazy I would just like some zombies to run fast

Awesome Game but

I love this game so much. I play it all the time and it’s become my favorite out of all of my other games. I would highly recommend getting this game especially if you like games where you like survival zombie games where you must scavenge to survive and open world. I love the scavenging and zombie survival and that you can go into any building. I have not found a single building yet that you could not enter. The reason I give it four stars is because there are one or two things that I did not like or got on my nerves a little. I did not like it when I started moving everywhere and doing a lot of things but I found out that if you go to settings and then to graphics and turn some of them down it will the speed will go faster. I also did not like when my cars disappeared. I’ve had about four or five and they would completely be gone but show up on the map. Things that I think need to be done are fix the car disappearance problem and to add chest so you can make a camp site and put chest down to store items there. There should also be random items spawn if there isn’t. I’m not sure if there is or not because I have not noticed. I also think there should be more crafting options because there are only around 10 to 12 I think. Some things there should also be in the future are building and trap crafting. There should be crafting for structures such as walls and doors and be able to make traps to protect those houses and buildings you’ve created. If you make these tweaks and upgrades it would be awesome and great. Thank you!

Great but waste of time

It’s a great game. Lots of content and exploration, however the major pitfalls are lack of crafting variety, unable to save even if it is night, and biggest one yet is when you die you lose your vehicle...meaning everything you have gathered for hours on hours is lost. I don’t even want to play anymore because of the countless hours I spent looting. This game won’t keep a fan base if game breaking things like this aren’t fixed/changed.

No where near as good as Radiation Island

Take the good parts of Radiation Island (storage, collecting, crafting, exploring) and throw that out the window. Now add in more aggressive creatures, infinite useless items, items that disappear if touched, very limited weapons and ammo. Creatures that hit you from a distance through walls, floors and ceilings. Then spending hours looking for replacement gear. Results in a tedious and frustrating game. I loved Radiation Island, seemed well balanced and thought out. This is no where near as fun.

Great game but there's a game breaking glitch

Not sure what's going on, but 3 of the towers don't have a teleported to get to the top and without it I can't enter the codes to progress the game. Please fix this asap. I have activated the towers out of order though so I am deleting my game and starting over to see if that fixes it

Beforehand criticism!

Written on October 8, 2017 at 5:21pm I just downloaded the game today and even though i haven't played it, i feel i should address the low reviews of this game first. ☠️ Address negative reviews ☠️ 1) Since i game has just come out, Many people have stated that their is a need for a bigger bag to carry resources in and, while this would be helpful it would certainly distract from the survival aspect in terms of managing your supplies and equipment since you are a scavenger! 2) Many people have stated that cars disappear in no reason and that it seems a problem since cars are the only sources of safeguarding your loot. This is a survival game set in a apocalyptic city meaning that it is almost certain that zombies/dogs/people can break in cars and loot your things too. This adds to the whole point of a survival game where you always need to be prepared because it's eat or be eaten.

Great game But.......

I can’t seem to redownload the game after the new update on WiFi and it’s not my WiFii have even tried to download it at a friend house and still says “Unable to download” my storage has 4.16 GB left and my Firmware 11.0.2 please fix. Will rate 5. Just can’t seem to figure out what’s the problem here.....🤔


I payed 5 dollars and it won’t even download

Not much point in playing if your supplies disappear.

I'm a big fan of radiation island - but this? Not as much. There's a lot of grinding in this game (Looking for food, ammo, first aid stuff...). To the point at which it becomes boring. And the constant zombie attacks become annoying- cause you're going door to door looking for a bandaid, and now you're dead cause you wanted a bandaid. I'm at the point where I'm in a large, five story hospital with what seems like hundreds of rooms. I go outside to store supplies in the truck I've parked - and it's gone. The map says it's still there - but it's not. The same with another truck I had in another location. And all the supplies I've gathered in the truck (weapons, ammo, food, tools, clothes...) are gone too. These supplies are needed to progress in the game. Without a way to carry what I find (my military backpack is filled to capacity) there's no point in collecting more supplies. This game has huge potential - and I've been having fun playing it (in spite of the gripes). It's just not balanced well in a few areas, and has bugs that need fixing. But if it gets fixed - I promise to upgrade my review.

Fix pls

The missions are cool but some are very hard and it's only the beginner missions like the fire zombie witch is to op and the big one with the gas mask also it gets boring after a wile because you have to travel long distances to complete a mission and probably die because you don't have good gear.walking side to side is very clunky and the character moves very slow

The worst game i ever seen

The r. Island was better than this that new game of r. City is like the sh*t i hope i get my money back on this game because i dont know why did i buy some sh*ts

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